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comprehensive & adeptly designed Personal Training & Body Transformations programmes to Transform your health and physique

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From our exclusive and private gym, our expert personal trainers optimise each session and help our clients take ownership of their health and physique and achieve their body transformation. Find your programme:

Your Roadmap To Success

We've designed a system that is focused on delivering two things, results & long term change. Each stage has been meticulously developed and enhanced to deliver the results you’ve desired but never achieved. Our programme promotes consistent actioning and accountability from start to finish, ensuring progress in all the significant markers:

Stage 1 - Fitness Testing

You’re in good hands with our comprehensive data driven baseline testing. Learn about your:

  • Body Composition
  • Physical Attributes
  • Nutritional Status

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    Stage 2 - Train in a Private Facility

    Our expert trainers will guide you through your sessions with an uncompromising attention and focus on immaculate technique.

  • Three 60-75 Minute Training Sessions
  • Periodised Training to Produce Eye Catching Results
  • Progress Tracked for your Visual Dashboard
  • Stage 3 - Diet & Activity

    Outside of each session you are fully supported with:

  • A simple to follow bespoke meal plan catered to your macros
  • A monthly training schedule
  • A monthly activity plan

  • Short on time? Work with our partners at Fresh Fitness Foods to have your meals prepped and delivered!

    Stage 4 - Testing & Revision

    With a monthly testing schedule, the anticipation to see your breath-taking results never lasts too long. Programmes, diets and activity planners are amended monthly to deliver one thing, our promise of results based training.

    Why Choose Us?


  • Monthly Body Composition Testing
  • Monthly Strength & Fitness Testing
  • Weekly Diet Analysis & Modification
  • Support

  • Contactable Daily
  • Effective Training & Diet Plans
  • Online Education Portal
  • Expertise

  • 15 Years Coaching
  • Level 4 Qualifications
  • Over 20000 Coaching Hours
  • Results

  • 100+ Transformations
  • Fat Loss Up To 20KG
  • Muscle Gain Up To 10KG
  • Client Testimonials

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    Meet your Trainer

    When it comes to exceptional physical training combined with proven real-world experience, you will struggle to find an expert like Glenn Coburn, A coach who cares about client transformation through improvement of lifestyle and performance metrics. His contributions at PTLDN ensure we tick all the boxes our clients look for and deliver unparalleled results. Glenn specialises in achieving single digit body fat & muscle gain of three to five KG. He implements scientific principles of strength and conditioning & nutrition protocols used by professional athletes.

    Incredible Clients, Incredible results

    Our Body Transformation Service, Your Lifelong Results.

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