Working long hours from home for a tech start up, Rafal decided to take charge of his health and physique with PTLDN. After a complete overhaul of eating and training habits, the results Rafal has achieved and sustained are incredible.



Looking to get in the best shape of his life for the upcoming beach holidays, Naman followed the PTLDN process meticulously and the results show. With meticulous planning and his bespoke diet and training plan, the results speak for themselves.



After a promotion at work and an increase in hours, takeaways and alcohol, Jason wanted to work with the experts who would manage each aspect of his transformation. Needless to say he made the right choice.



With a successful career in IT, Reyes took the decision to prioritise his health and develop habits he could maintain around a stressful working schedule. After embracing the new diet, activity and training routines, the results he continues to make benefit his wellbeing and working environment.



Unsure where to start with his training, Nic chose to work with the personal trainers at PTLDN to learn everything about training and diet. Following his muscle building training plan and diet, the expert trainers at PTLDN helped Nic to his dream physique.


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