Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly will I see results?

You will start to see your body change within six weeks, with the best body transformation results arriving in 12-36 weeks. Our expert personal trainers will create the perfect workout plan and diet, which will produce the results you want. The higher your adherence to the training and diet, the greater your results.

How do I cancel my session?

You can cancel your scheduled session 24 hours in advance via email or by calling your personal trainer. We will reschedule your session according to your convenience. You will not be applicable for refunds if you cancel without a 24-hour notice.

Can I lose weight with body transformation?

Our body transformation packages are customised, keeping every individual’s requirements in mind. Your personal trainer works closely with you to help you achieve your desired body transformation goals and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Why can’t I do cardio at home to gain muscles?

Cardiovascular training is ideal for overall body strength, but it does not offer the stimulus required by the body to build stronger muscles. With our strength training programs, you can increase the load on your muscles and alter the motion range with which your joints move. You can target specific muscles which are not usually utilised during typical cardio training exercises at home.

Why should I hire a personal trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer provides expert knowledge, accountability and helps you to stay on track and achieve your goal. A good personal trainer will take your fitness regime up a level up. A personal trainer helps you target the areas that need special attention and works with you to meet your milestones.

Where should I look for a personal trainer in London?

PTLDN is a great place to hire a personal trainer in London. Our team of fitness experts excel at their jobs and help you meet your fitness goals while improving your overall health.

How many times per week should I schedule a session?

Each package has different criteria for the number of sessions per week. Your scheduling also depends on multiple factors, such as budget, availability, and requirements. Most of our packages offer 3 sessions weekly so that your body gets time for muscle recovery and does not burn out.

What if I am completely out of shape?

Our excelled trainers work with you based on your current fitness level and set your goals accordingly. We tailor a body transformation program tailored to keep your progress steady and help you move towards a better level of fitness and well-being. We offer fitness advice and training to effectively get back into shape and stick with your fitness routine.

How can sports conditioning help me?

Our personal trainers help athletes with sports conditioning to strengthen supporting muscles. With our sports conditioning, you can even out muscle imbalances, correct your posture, increase mobility, learn new movements, stabilise joints, accentuate peripheral skills and coordination, and much more.

Do I need to work out every day?

You don’t need to work out daily. We advise our clients to take at least 1-2 days of complete rest per week. Having a recovery day for your muscles is ideal for reducing injury risks and promoting the longevity of your fitness routine. If you don’t want to rest completely, you can talk a walk or stretch to help increase blood flow and minimise tension in tight muscles.

Is investing in a personal trainer a viable investment?

Hiring a personal trainer ensures you get the most out of your workouts. The investment is worth it to improve your health and fitness level and pays off in the long-term by decreasing health care costs and keeping you fit.
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