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Solent University, Southampton        

The Man Behind PTLDN

When it comes to exceptional physical training combined with proven real-world experience, you will struggle to find an expert like Glenn Coburn, A coach who cares about client transformation through improvement of lifestyle and performance metrics. His contributions at PTLDN ensure we tick all the boxes our clients look for and deliver unparalleled results.

Glenn specialises in achieving single digit body fat & muscle gain of three to five KG. He implements scientific principles of strength and conditioning & nutrition protocols used by professional athletes.

He provides daily support and consultation on each aspect of our client’s transformation, including nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle for improved outcomes.

Glenn’s technical knowledge of exercise performance, human nutrition and anatomy and meticulous eye for detail combine to empower clients in the training journey. His passion is sharing this knowledge individually with each client so they can transform themselves and their lives for a positive future.


Glenn believes in commitment and hard work to garner long-term results. He believes that quick fixes are neither viable nor healthy for an individual’s body. Therefore, he has devised his methodology based on scientific principles of exercises and nutrition, backed by his degree in Health and Fitness and Level 4 (the highest possible) qualification in Strength and Conditioning.

Each of his programmes and sessions is designed to maximise movement competency and performance. Training with Glenn negates the “go hard or go home” mentality; just appropriate training to achieve your desired goals. With over 10000 hours of coaching under his belt, his approach is holistic and provides maximum support outside of training sessions to support your nutrition, lifestyle, and own training habits. His ideas are simple, and all focused on one milestone—helping you get closer to achieving your goal.


With a degree in Health and Fitness, level 4 qualification (the highest available) in Strength & Conditioning and (amongst others) qualifications in Yoga, Functional Movement Anatomy and Olympic Weightlifting, you can be safe in the knowledge you are training with an expert who draws from multiple disciplines as required.

Glenn has taken his passion from personal training into fitness education and is a renowned educator in the fitness industry. Since 2012 he has been training the trainers for the largest and most renowned education providers nationally, YMCAfit, Train.Fitness & Focus Fitness and internationally for Bodyhack UAE. This precise knowledge on human anatomy, physiology and training methodology is a source of expertise that he brings to each personal training client, drawing from his wealth of knowledge for individual needs.

Glenn’s knowledge has been sought out by educational organisations requiring new qualifications and fitness courses. He has developed multiple course including a Level 3 Yoga, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning and Level 4 Lower Back Pain. Combining this business development skill set with his precocious fitness knowledge ensures each training plan is precise and of the highest quality, Glenn puts in the same amount of effort and detail that is expected from you.

Personal trainer

As an experienced personal trainer, Glenn has has the opportunity to work with and transform the lives of hundreds of clients. Avoiding a one size fits all approach, the tried and tested PTLDN method is implemented and monitored continuously, with his expertise and adaptable skillset, your results are prioritised and delivered.


As an athlete who has competed at national level in football and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & internationally in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Glenn knows what it takes to perform at peak level. Whilst competing, Glenn has lived the life, successfully following nutrition and training plans to becoming stronger, more powerful and reduce body fat simultaneously! whilst also remaining undefeated in MMA and taking a bronze medal in the prestigious IBJJF competitions. Glenn knows how to eat and train for success.

Why you should train with me

My goal is to help each and every client achieve incredible results and exceed their expectation for their health and physique goals. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are numerous including happiness, cognition, mental and emotional health. I want to use my knowledge to improve as many lives (and physiques!) as possible.

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